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Product Image DOD LS460W Windshield Camera

DOD LS460W Windshield Camera

$ 269.95

Video and GPS in One, Compact Package. Featuring the latest High-Definition Sensor from SONY™. 2.7" Widescreen LCD Display for easy video playback without external devices.



The DOD LS460W provides outstanding video recording quality by utilizing an Exclusive SONY™ Exmor™ CMOS, ISO 3200, and the Japan-made f/1.6, 6 layered glass lens. The combination of these three powerful components allows the LS460W to record clear 1080P video in both day light and low light settings.

The LS460W features an integrated GPS logging system enabling the camera to record the position and the speed of the vehicle. 

Driving for long periods of time? Not to worry, the LS460W supports up 64GB microSDXC to capture up to 10 hours of 1080P video. A large 2.7” LCD screen allows for easier video playback without requiring external devices.

Product Features

• Full HD 1080P Video Resolution
• 5Hz GPS Logger
• SONY™ Exmor™ Image Sensor
• Advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Technology
• Japanese 6-Element f/1.6 Glass Lens
• G-Sensor File Protection
• Mute Microphone Button
• 2.7” Widescreen LCD Display
• SOS File Locking
• Video File Protection Button
• Loop Recording
• Motion Detection Mode
• Atomic Clock Time/Date Synchronization
• HUD Compass Display
• HUD Speed Display
• HUD Speed Warning

Package Contents

• DOD LS460W Dash Camera
• 4 Meter (13 Foot) Vehicle Power Adapter
• Suction Cup Mount
• 3M Tape Mount
• Bilingual User Manual (English / French)